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Alta Badia is completely immersed in Ladin culture and tradition

The customs and the well conserved rural landscape are a great identifying mark of the valley and of the whole population of the holiday region Alta Badia

In the whole Badia Valley, the Ladin culture and tradition are at first place.
La Val hosts the greatest number of Ladin speakers in whole South Tyrol. Also in the other five localities of Alta Badia, the Ladin mother language is still guarded with body and soul and most of all transmitted through books, radio and TV channels.

During many religious events, processions and parades, the locals proudly wear their fantastic traditional dresses, the so called “Tracht”, transmitted from one generation to the other.
A very interesting peculiarity about Alta Badia’s people is there innate musicality: many are enthusiastic members of local bands and choirs.
Tradition and customs are transmitted through Ladin legends as well. In the two museums “Museum Ladin Ursus Ladinicus” and “Museum Ciastel de Tor in St. Martin in Alta Badia”, you will admire different representing objects of the rural, culturally unique life of Ladins that will take you back in time.
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