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San Cassiano in Alta Badia Dolomites

San Cassiano, the small village among the Dolomites peaks in Alta Badia, rich with history, tradition and luxury

San Cassiano is a small village at the feet of the Dolomites peaks in Alta Badia. The village counts about 859 inhabitants, which is not necessarily a small amount if you think that the village, before being occupied, was used as a field to host livestock. The name comes from the homonymous saint, to whom the local church is dedicated. At a high of 1.537 m a.s.l., San Cassiano is in every time of the year a beloved touristic destination, so tourism has become the main economical source for most of its inhabitants. This part of Alta Badia hosts 127 hotels and garnis, among which many are 4 stars hotels and offer its guest a particularly luxurious holiday surrounded by the mountains. Not only are the accommodation structures worth a mention, but also the restaurants, among which many boast a Michelin Star recognition and are likely to serve local delicacies. Particularly beloved by the visitors is the central pedestrian zone on which rise many bars, restaurants and shops.

In winter, tourists choose Badia Valley most of all to practice different winter disciplines. San Cassiano offers particular highlights, among which the 7,2 km long sleight slope Foram, which goes from Lagazuoi to reach the village centre. Also the cross-country centre Alta Badia on the Armentarola is close, as the Piz Soraga lift, thanks to which you can easily reach the Alta Badia Dolomiti Superski skiing area.
San Cassiano is surrounded by the majestic rock faces of the Lavarela and the Conturines. In summer, hikers love to walk along the paths among the larches and the contemplation paths appreciating meanwhile the surprising nature beauty. For those who aims at longer excursions, they can walk along the paths of the natural park Fanes- Senes- Braies as those included in the Lagazuoi area. The mountain world of San Cassiano is not only geographically interesting, but also historically. That's why here there is also a museum in the village centre. The Museum Ladin “Ursus Ladinicus” was built in Alta Badia in 2011. The Ladin Museum hosts proofs of the history, the culture and the tradition of Alta Badia. The finding of the prehistorical cave bear Ursus Ladinicus has been an incredibly important event and it has inspired the museum's name. In a Conturines' cave bear's rests were found, which, according to the experts' calculations, go back to 90.000 years ago. From this, experts suppose that the Iron Age could possibly be nearer to us than speculated until now. Not only the museum is interesting, but also a guided visit in the well conserved Bear's Cave. For tourists interested in history there is also the chance to discover the proofs of the tragic First World War, spread around the Lagazuoi.

Height: 1.537 m
Inhabitants: 859
Beds: 4.044
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