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Ski and snowboard rental in Alta Badia

Renting the winter sports equipment. Let’s get on the slopes in the heart of the snowy Dolomites! With the perfect combination of a helmet, ski sticks, skies and ski boots, you are ready to go!

You don’t have the equipment for your winter holiday yet? Then the ski rentals in Alta Badia are the right place for you. They always offer the newest models of the best-known brands in order to guarantee quality at its highest level and the most recent design, always ready to advise and assist you. Being the staff members themselves passionate skiers, they will be able to give you the best equipment.

You can rent the equipment for one, two or more days without any problems and leave them in the evening in the ski deposits at your disposal in the hotel where you will spend your holiday. In this way skis, snowboards and ski boots will be perfectly kept and ready for your use.
In case your skis are not perfectly laminated, to perform wide curves or to descend in perfect slalom style, it is possible to leave them to the rental so that they can be prepared with wax and lamination.

With a perfectly fitting helmet and ideal goggles, sticks, just prepared skis and comfortable boots, you will be ready to face an exciting skiing day on the Dolomiti Superski slopes.
Break Out Sport Ski Rental
Str. Col Alt, 61 - 39033 Corvara (BZ) - Italy
Tel. +39 0471 830346
Break Out Sport Ski Rental
La Villa
Colz street, 18 - 39030 La Villa (BZ) - Italy
Tel. +39 0471 847763
Ski Renatal Da Carlo
Str. Col Alt 70 - 39033 Corvara
Tel. +39 0471 830977
Sport Skirental Alfredo
Str. Col Alt 102 - 39033 Corvara
Tel. +39 0471 836059
Ski Service Lift Col Alto
Str. Col Alt 99 - 39033 Corvara
Tel. +39 0471 836110
Ski Rental Edoardo Sport
Tel. +39 0471 836212
Rental Sport Posch
Tel. +39 0471 830217
Ski Rental Sport Pescosta
Str. Col Pradat 45 - 39033 Colfosco
Tel. +39 0471 836458
Ski Service Costa Renato
La Villa
Str. Colz 33 - 39036 La Villa 39036
Tel. +39 0471 847764
Skirental Alpine Sports
San Cassiano
Surega street 34 - I - 39030 San Cassiano
Tel. +39 0471 840126
Cross-country ski rental
San Cassiano
Armentarola 39036 San Cassiano
Tel. +39 0471 849610
Alta Badia Shop & Rental Ski
San Cassiano
Str. Micurà de Rü 48 - 39036 San Cassiano
Tel. +39 0471 849374
Ski Rent Moritz
San Cassiano
Str. Berto 77 - 39036 San Cassiano
Tel. +39 0471 840148
Ski Rental Franz
San Cassiano
Str. Micurà de Rü 22 - 39036 San Cassiano
Tel. +39 338 1236236
Skirental Top
Str. San Linert 3 - 39036 Badia
Tel. +39 0471 839685
Skiland - Leading Ski Service
Str. La Müda 4 - 39036 Badia
Tel. +39 0471 838119
Ski Rental La Munt
Str. La Müda 1 - 39036 Badia
Tel. +39 0471 839756
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